7th Inorganic Chemistry Congress

Speakers | İmameddin Amiraslanov

Presentation Title: “Structural features of Mn containing topological insulators.”

Head the of Lab. Crystallography of the Institute of Physics of the NAS of Azerbaijan, PhD, Prof., Imamaddin Amiraslanov is a specialist on X-ray diffraction studies of crystalline materials such as semiconductors, complex oxides, proteins, and so on.

In recent years he has been mainly investigated topological insulators, which are considered promising materials for spintronics. I.Amiraslanov is also studied the geographical and historical distribution and evolution on the morphogenesis of geometric patterns of the Turkic folk applied arts.

At the same time he is the creator of backgroundless ornaments - Tessellations. These results are published in the books “Haxışların Yaddaşı” and “Azerbaijani Tessellations”.