7th Inorganic Chemistry Congress


Papers will be accepted when they are prepared in accordance with the rules of abstract text or full text. You can prepare your report in accordance with the abstract or full text writing rules stated on the congress web page (you can use the templates if necessary) from the link mentioned in the congress web page. The report uploaded to the system will be sent to the scientific board. Abstracts will be published in the abstract paper, the full texts will be published in the full text booklet. In addition, the articles of the participants who prepare their full text reports in accordance with the spelling rules of the journals listed on the congress web page will be published in the journal of the Journal of Molecular Structure (JMS), which has an SCI index and the impact factor of 2,011, published by Elsevier. The participants will be able to publish their full text booklet prepared by TR-DİZİN in the Journal of Turkish Chemical Society Section A (JOTCSA) or Hittite Journal of Science and Engineering (HJSE). Oral presentations are invited speaker 30, caller speaker 25, participant speaker 20 and short speech (poster presentation) 5 minutes (including question-answer). Oral presentations will be selected by Science Boards. Participants must have at least one day in advance an electronic file of their presentations submitted to the organization secretariat.


Full-text submissions must have the content of the manuscript presented to a regular journal. Full text notifications which do not meet these requirements may be translated into the abstract paper by the Scientific Committee. The full text paper should include the headings, “Abstract, English Abstract, Introduction, Material and Method, Results and Discussion, References” (the template should be considered when preparing). Participants who wish to publish the full text paper in their journals should prepare their full text paper in accordance with the spelling rules of each journal. A full-text paper of the participant published in any of the 3 different journals with a full text paper will be converted into a abstract paper. The full text of the manuscript should be “Times New Roman” and the font size is “11” characters, the page blanks should be 3 cm from the top, 2.5 cm from the left, 2 cm from the right and 2.5 cm from the bottom.


Papers to be published in the abstract paper shall be prepared in accordance with the abstract paper template. Abstract paper shall not exceed one (1) page. Abstract papers exceeding one page will be sent back to the person who sent the abstract paper and will be asked to correct it.


The posters to be prepared should not exceed the dimensions of 70 x 100 cm and should be prepared to be read at least 1 meter away. An easy-to-read typeface (eg Times New Roman, Arial and Courier) should be used. Title, author names and address information should be prepared in 26-40 font size and other sections should be prepared at least 16-18 points. The posters will be hung on the numbered boards in the halls determined by the organizing committee. The poster committee will assist the organizers of the poster. Poster holders will present their posters at the time and hours specified in the program and provide information.

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