7th Inorganic Chemistry Congress

Transfers by Airline and Highway

Corum can be reached by airline every day of the week. The nearest airport is Merzifon (MZH), 60 km from Corum. You can rent a car from Merzifon (MZH) airport and after each flight services reach Çorum center with a journey of about 60 minutes.

Çorum is also accessible via Istanbul - Samsun and Istanbul - Ankara. Samsun - Corum highway with 160 km. It is 230 km with Ankara - Çorum highway. There is a bus service between Samsun - Corum and Ankara - Corum cities every hour.

Istanbul Airport (IST) - Merzifon Airport (MZH) – Corum

Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) - Merzifon Airport  (MZH) – Çorum

İstanbul Airport (IST) - Esenboğa Airport  (ESB) – Çorum

İstanbul Airport (IST) - Çarşamba Airport (SZF) – Çorum