VII. Ulusal Anorganik Kimya Kongresi

Davetli Konuşmacılar | Mike Beckett

Professor Mike Beckett is a Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at Bangor University (UK) and specializes is synthesizing new chemicals containing boron or silicon.

These chemicals may be used in formulations of agricultural micronutrients / biostimulants and as precursors to new materials.

He is also interested in crystallographic self-assembly processes and templated syntheses of polyborate anions from B(OH)3.

He has been at Bangor University since 1989 and was Head of the School of Chemistry from 2009-2018. He holds degrees (BSc and PhD) from the University of East Anglia, Norwich, and held post-doctoral research positions at Exeter University (with Professor E.W. Abel), QMC, London (with Professor B.J. Aylett), and Leeds University (with Professors J.D. Kennedy and N.N. Greenwood).

He has published >125 articles and has co-written a text book ('Periodic Table at a Glance', Wiley, 2006). Professor Beckett is a Titular member (2018-19) of the International Union of Pure and applied Chemistry’s (IUPAC) nomenclature committee and he is currently leading an IUPAC funded task group on nomenclature of boron hydride systems.

He is a member of the International Advisory Committees of the ‘International conference on boron chemistry (Imeboron)’ and the ‘European conference on boron chemistry (Euroboron)’.